The Opposite of a Fairy Tale (2016)

Directed by Youn Jung Kim, Written/Produced by Jennifer Betit Yen

The Opposite of a Fairy Tale is a psychological drama in which a woman's family slowly imprisons her against her will with the unwitting help of well-meaning bystanders. When Celeste, a kind social worker, meets Josephine, an elderly patient in a nursing home, the two develop a close friendship. Soon, her family comes to visit and it becomes apparent that Josephine has fallen victim to one of America’s hidden epidemics: elder abuse. 

The film was a official selection of 2016 Asian American International Film Festival in NY. 

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Cooking with Granny 

Created, produced, directed and hosted by Caroline Shin

Cooking with Granny is a multicultural, multifaceted, multi-generational homage to the best chefs we know -- our grandmothers. The show is food + story. Themes include cultural preservation, wartime survival, immigration, and New York City. It was featured on NBC News, Daily News, the Latin Kitchen, and many more. Filipino granny, Lumen's episode which was my first editing contribution to Cooking with Granny, premiered at Women of the World Festival at historic Apollo theater. Also, the upcoming two episodes are co-directed, shot and edited by myself, collaborating with a brilliant video journalist Caroline Shin. 

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Look Deeper:Beauty

Directed, Co-written by Youn Jung Kim, Written by Ronan Cray

Look Deeper:Beauty delves into the definition of true beauty regardless size, shape, color, or more. Created as a part of 2015 72 Hour shootout filmmaking competition which I was coordinated - from the selection of the theme of the competition to the planning actual events - this promotional film was premiered at the prestigious Asian American International Film Festival in NYC and aired on local television networks.