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Hamyul:Hamlet / Gertrude

Directed by Byung Koo Ahn, La Mama Experimental Theatre

Hamyul / Hamlet’, originally directed and adapted by Min Soo Ahn, is based on Shakespeare’s ‘Hamlet’. It was performed in the U.S., France, and Netherlands for the first time in Korean theater history in the late 1970’s and is now reinterpreted once again for the 21st century and for global audiences. This time, the performance is presented based on the Korean traditional spiritual event called ‘Gut’ along with its art, music, dance and songs to offer the audiences a chance to feel the exotic moments while they enjoy the uniqueness of the play recreated in Korean with exclusive language and cultural distinctions. The director of the project is Brian Ahn, who has an important role in Korean international art exchange abroad. 

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Karaoke Bacchae / Maenads

Written and directed by Jesse Freedman, Ice Factory 2015 New Ohio Theatre

Karaoke Bacchae is a dance theater adaptation of the Euripides’ tragedy, The Bacchae,  imagined in a sports bar on karaoke night during the Stanley Cup. Karaoke is canceled to watch the game. The god Dionysus takes the human form of Iggy Pop and leads a horde of drunken sorority girls and cocktail waitresses into a battle of submission for control of the karaoke machine, against the bar's sado-masochistic management. Sung and shouted under the ultimate karaoke playlist, driven by dance, and featuring text from Drunk J. Crew, deranged sorority girl emails, and a sexually frustrated drunken high school english teacher. 

Watch the interview with the director, Freedman  |  Read the review


Women in Yeats 47 Great Jones St. 

Directed by Sonoko Kawahara, Great Jones rehearsal space site-specific piece

Minimalist telling of two heroic Irish tales by the legendary Irish poet W.B. Yeats. At the Hawk’s Well and The Only Jealousy of Emer are two of five shorts plays known as the “Cuchulain Cycle” written by Yeats, which were influenced by traditional Japanese Noh theater. Yeats began writing this cycle in 1916. 100 years later, two modern New York women summon his vision in a studio in the East Village. I played Cuchulain in At the Hawk's Well and Eithne Inguba, The Ghost of Cuchulain & The Figure of Cuchulain in The Only Jealousy of Emer

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